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About Elizabeth Kiriakos

I have always had within me a deep desire to help others heal and overcome their mental health struggles, so they might embrace happier and more fulfilling lives. That desire has only strengthened over the years as I continue to have the honor to work with so many incredible individuals.  I am consistently left in awe of the beautiful depth that we human beings possess and I feel blessed to be in this wonderful profession.

I am a licensed therapist with a psychotherapy private practice located in Encino, CA. I specialize in helping individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression grief and loss, life transitions, parenting, and relationship issues.  One of my main goals in treatment is to help you develop a more cohesive and positive sense of self and to help you experience and maintain healthier and more satisfying relationships. 

Psychotherapy can address a wide range of issues including managing stress, creating a better work-life balance, decreasing anxiety, overcoming self-criticism, and alleviating depression.  Therapy helps by creating new and sometimes dramatically different ways of looking at yourself, your relationships, and your world, which can bring about solutions to even longstanding, seemingly insurmountable problems.  Therapy can help you access the feelings that lead to a richer day-to-day experience. 

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